Wipeout Surf House


This was my favourite kind of client – the kind who insists I take breaks to go surfing. This project was a basic theme setup with a little extra. I personally wrote all of the content and took a handful of the photos. I set up a Google Webmasters account and asked for immediate indexing to get their web presence started as soon as possible. Yeost’s awesome SEO plugin is installed and keywords are identified, and I’ve configured Google Analytics and showed the client how to use it to see who is finding them and how. I have also checked in with the Facebook Developer Console to be sure that when sharing the site on social media the right photos and description is included for maximum appeal.

As an added extra, this site is set up to send a weekly backups of the complete code and database to a Dropbox account (just in case). Should the internet blow up, we still have a copy! Always best to cover all your bases.

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DATE: March 04, 2017

CLIENT: Wipeout Surf House Hostel

URL: https://wipeoutsurfhouse.com